Sharaway Stud

Quality not Quantity

About Us

Sharon & Wayne are Team Sharaway, we have formed a successful partnership for 20 years.

Our interest in horses has not been confined to one breed, as we have firmly been about working with horses of the correct temperament, more so than any particular breed.

In the early years Sharon was strongly involved in hacking, dressage and showing in general with Wayne adding the interest in the Heavy horses.

Our first heavy horse was a Clydy mare named Sharaway Indiana, she taught us harness and from there we moved into the BIG BOYS, with Scotty and Jacko and our Wine Tour business Clip Clop Clydesdale Wagon Tours.

We have bred, started, educated and trained over 150 horses, we are by no means professional trainers, but consider ourselves well educated amateurs J

Now our focus is on the emerging breed of the Drum Horse, in its foundation stage around the world and our Stallion Boharn King will form the Foundation sire for our stud and Claylee Heavy horses, we hopeKing will also will be used over other quality mares to prove him as a sire of both quality Drum horses, but also athletic and sensible performance horse.